Halloween Who? Christmas Squishmallows Are Making Their Way Into Stores!

Halloween who? It’s time to get less haunted and more jolly, because Christmas Squishmallows have eagerly arrived for the holidays! You can catch Jingle the Tree, Carol the Tree, Santa, Elliot the Elf, Darla the Deer, and more festive plush toys at your local Walgreens, Vons, Five Below, and more retailers all across the country. While these ‘mallows were rolled out in early October, we can only assume the sooner you get your hands on them the better. (You know how things get around the holidays!) As of right now, the Christmas squishes have yet to be sold online, but hang tight, because they usually hit stores first and then the Squishmallows website. If you’re in the mood to be jolly, check out the festive collector’s-worthy Squishmallows ahead.

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