Maytree, an A Cappella Group’s Perfectly Re-created Cover of the Squid Game Soundtrack Will Hunt Your Dreams

MayTree Japanse A capella group

If you are a fan of Squid Game, then you want to have a listen to this exhilarating rendition of dystopian drama’s chilling soundtrack. The rendition is one that definitely captures the essence of what the show represents. The Korean group performed their own rendition of the soundtrack, and it’s definitely one to listen to. The style and intensity that they put into the cover definitely convey their levels of high-quality production and expertise. The group generally does covers for shows and other current events, however, this particular one for the Squid game stands out in many ways than one. When you consider the combination of harmony and how the process is presented shows the high levels of practice and delivery only a professional group could deliver.

Whatever you do when it comes to art, from singing to whistling to humming and what not. These guys definitely bring heightened harmonies that portray the level of talents that they possess. The group consists of which consists of lead member S.I. (Jang Sang-in), soprano Erika (Im Soo-yeon), alto Soo (Kang Su-gyeong), tenor Hoony (Kwon Yeong-hoon), and bass Kim Won-jong — sounds so angelic, it’s easy to imagine them behind the scenes, humming and chanting into microphones for the show. While Maytree didn’t actually have anything to do with the Squid Game soundtrack, there’s always something to fall back on. The group has done several other covers that have been viewed hundreds of thousands of times. Howver, as at the time of writing this, their cover of the Squid game has seen over 2 million views and over 10,000 comments on YouTube.

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