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Grab your Discounted Magical Flying Fairy while the store LAUNCH DISCOUNT is on. Once we reach 300-unit sales, we will be increasing the price back up to $59.95 This is absolutely a great gift!

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Spoil your little princess with this Magical Flying Pixie Induction toy

Watch her spread her wings and magically twirl and dance through the air. This Magical Flying Pixie Doll is dressed in a beautiful dress and glittery wings. Magically control her graceful flight as she floats over your palm. You won’t believe your eyes as she magically sparkles and shines while in flight. Guide your Fairy using only your hand as she gracefully whirls and twinkles through the air. 

Children become ECSTATIC and AMAZED once it starts flying! The fairy houses a USB rechargeable battery, motor so you're ready to play once it arrives. Its ADVANCED INFRARED SENSOR allows it to be motion-sensitive so it detects nearby objects and knows to move away from them. The wings are made of soft plastic and are flexible which ensures no injury and ensures children are safe when playing. 

Watch her fly by turning on the switch, holding the legs and then watch her rotate and spin upwards. After reaching her maximum height she will drop back down - place your hands under her feet as she drops and the inbuilt sensor will respond and up she goes again!

  • Watch her spread her wings and magically twirl and dance through the air.
  • Dressed in a beautiful molded dress and glittery wings, get ready for fairytale fun
  • With motion sensitive advance infrared sensor making her keeps in distance from your hand when place below her feet
  • Guide her movement as she floats just inches over the palm of your hand.
  • With built-in 3.7V 100MAH rechargeable lithium battery that makes it economical to use over and over 
  • Makes a super lovely gift to your little princess