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This moonwalking astronaut is the perfect companion to those late night work sessions. Plug him (or her!) into any USB port and position the bendy arm for optimal lighting.  

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  • LED light glows from the astronaut's mask
  • Bendy stand lets you position the light where you need it
  • Turn the light on and off by lifting or lowering the astronaut's mask
  • Fashion astronaut LED light, USB powered
  • Flexible ultra-fine goose neck arm, can be adjusted to different angles to brighten desired areas
  • Build-in switch control by push up and down the mask
  • Energy saving, small power consumption, environmental protection
  • Can be used free standing for laptops, orchestra pits, schools, dark clubs, homes, camp sites, etc
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee - Don't take our word for it, scroll down for our customer reviews!

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