Which Squid Game Character Do You Embody Most? Find Out Your Player Number

The deeper we immerse ourselves in the Squid Game fandom, the more the Korean drama has us wondering which characters we relate to most. Would we make it out of the games and take home the 45.6 billion won prize? Or would we suffer the same fate as the 455 players who risked their lives to come out on top and lost? After witnessing some shocking twists and seeing contestants pushed to their breaking points, we know the extremes even the most kind-hearted players are willing to go to in order to secure a spot in the finale.

Good, evil, or most likely somewhere in between, every contestant has their own backstory that makes each of them feel less like a number and more like a real human being. From Seong Gi-hun and Kang Sae-byeok to Oh Il-nam and Jang Deok-su, every player has a reason to participate in the games, but how they play might tell us even more about who they really are than why they showed up to begin with.

To satisfy our own curiosity, we put together a quiz to find out which characters from the show we relate to most. Find your Squid Game match here.

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